How We Help You To Create Your Product

At Fluxudio, you have everything needed for Web3 projects in one place. Innovation and diversity makes us happy, We are a collaborative multi-disciplinary team whose aim is covering all of what an emerging blockchain startup needs. We are thrilled to help you in our startup factory. Fluxudio is a blockchain and metaverse development company. We develop open-source decentralized products and support product development teams in the same fields. Our services include idea generation, product launch, and consultation for tokenomics and white paper development.

DAPPs Development

Secure, Reliable and Trustable. Solution tailored to fit your needs. Ensuring optimum security for all transactions.


Mobile and Web Development. Turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Cutting-edge development solutions. Empowering businesses of all sizes. Leveraging modern technology.


Providing an immersive experience in both AR and VR. Heightened level of engagement and efficiency. Bringing your workflows into life. Keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Tokenization and ICO

The novel way to invest. See the future of your investments come alive. The perfect way to raise capital for your new business venture. Launch a successful coin offering consulting.

WEB3 Community Marketing

Creating innovative advertisement plans. Powerful marketing strategies to analyzing data. Helping startups and companies take their ideas from concept to tangible reality. Providing the necessary tools needed to gain maximum impact and ROI


Make your idea a reality with our consulting services. Take your startup or business to the next level. Guiding you through every stage of development. Expert guidance and support to take the plunge into success.

Our mission is to make it easy for people and businesses to create and use blockchain applications


Startup Factory

Our startup factory specializes in DDDS. We believe that decentralization is the future of the web. Our goal is to build the tools and technologies that will enable the smashing Web3. We strive to improve the state of the art in this field and to build the next generation of decentralized applications. We will focus on building smaller decentralized apps that will showcase different applications of the blockchain technology, such as insurance, lending, supply chain, marketplaces, gaming, social media, and etc. Whatever the project is, we are always dedicated to our doctrine: to develop world-changing decentralized technologies and products empowering people to shape their own future.

Startup Factory



We develop decentralized products that empower individuals and communities, and support product development teams with our various services. Being committed to building a better future through blockchain and metaverse technologies, we aim to create a more equitable and inclusive world for all through our cutting-edge technologies.


We have the right package for you

Introducing our Cutting-Edge Blockchain Courses! Calling all aspiring blockchain enthusiasts and tech-savvy pioneers! We are thrilled to announce our brand-new Blockchain Courses, powered by the esteemed Blockchain Council and Fluxudio Academy. Become a Certified Blockchain Expert or Certified Web3 Community Expert with the exclusive collaboration between Blockchain Council and Fluxudio Academy! . Learn directly from industry pioneers and blockchain experts, Mostafa Afkhamizadeh and Pedram Moshirfar. Their wealth of knowledge and experience will empower you to thrive in this transformative industry.


  • 80 Hours
  • 1 Day in Week
  • Tutorials
  • Forum Support
  • Mentorship
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WEB3 Community Expert

  • 16 Hours
  • 2 Days in Week
  • Include Tutorials with Files
  • Forum Support
  • Course Certificate
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